Our Top Motivation Resources for Home Based Entrepreneurs

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Although we think that most of the time you’ve got to find your own motivation, we also think watching inspirational videos, reading good quotes, or looking at great articles/blog posts are great for a short-term inspiration boost.

Here are a few great blog posts and articles we’ve read over the years. Note that we don’t necessarily agree with EVERYTHING the authors have to say, but as far as the subject motivation, they’re pretty spot on!

5 Year Commitments

That’s a good one on Steve Pavlina on looking down the road- NOT just short- term goals.

Do Your Goals Conflict with Your Identity?

Another good one that talks about how your goals have to be tied to who you are – you’re personal big reason WHY.

Self-Discipline and Social Pressure

Great article that talks a lot having a strong WHY, and how that relates to self- discipline and social pressure

What is Commitment?

A short-but-sweet article on what commitment really means. Goes along with the idea that you should commit to accomplishing goals- NEVER reducing them!

Top 20 Motivation Hacks

Zen Habits is one of the best self-development blogs online- bar none.

The Art and Science of Motivation

This is a long, detailed article that talks about the nitty-gritty of inspiration. It’s an interview that has a lot of great insights.

21 Proven Motivation Tactics

A short-but-sweet list of inspiration tactics. It’s not too detailed, but pretty good little article.

The Secret to Effective Motivation

Another great interview on how to effectively motivate either yourself or others.

Elite Daily: Motivation

This is actually just a section of Elite Daily, a blog that has a ton of different types of articles. There are some good articles in this motivation section though. They talk about everything from inspiration for finding jobs, getting in shape, and just working on a daily basis.

Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

This is a pretty good article, my favorite part was where it talks about the 2 main problems that kill inspiration.

Lifehacker: Motivation

Lifehacker is another one of the very best self-development blogs out there. You could spend hours and hours reading here and learning great stuff.

18 Secrets of the Super Motivated

Getting in shape is one of the best things you can do for do for yourself- but it’s SO tough. This slideshow can help motivate you to get your rear end moving!

Phew … that’s some list to type out and even more to read. You’ll not be lacking inspiration for a LONG time if you read this article to it’s fullest.


Thanks and Blessings

Colin & Eugenie